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Date: 09/05/2017

The 2017 updated version of PRINCE2 has been developed closely with the PRINCE2 community worldwide and taking into considerations several drivers for change. One of the most urgent one is the increased professionalism within the PM community: project management will be more and more considered a wide business skill and this will, as a consequence, require a continuous improvement from every PM working in the field.

But what changes in the certification scheme? Does the validity of the Practitioner certification remain the same? What is the Membership Programme? Keep reading the article to have the answers to these and more questions!

TITLE: PRINCE2 2017 Update: NEWS for Practitioner and PRINCE2 Membership

ABOUT THE ARTICLE: With this article we explore how the 2017 version of PRINCE2 will change the certification scheme, and how these changes may impact (or not) on your current certification. We want to explain in  clear and easy way:

  • How to remain current with your PRINCE2 certification;
  • What are the changes to the PRINCE2 Practitioner validity;
  • How to remain up-to-date with the NEW Membership Programme;
  • What are the CPD points and how to obtain them.

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Date: 09/05/2017

Direct community feedback from practitioners, trainers and consultants made it clear that an evolutionary update was requested, that responds to higher expectations of stakeholders in today’s working environment. The 2017 update of PRINCE2, that will come out in July 2017, builds on the proven strength of PRINCE2 while responding to current imperatives for flexibility and agility.

Together with new Foundation and Practitioner exams, that highlight the core and the practical application, the 2017 PRINCE2 update provides practical, accessible and authoritative guidance for anyone managing a project.

TITLE: PRINCE2 2017 update: more practical, flexible and scalable

ABOUT THE ARTICLE: This article explains clearly what has changed and what did not change in this updated version of PRINCE2. The 2017 update of PRINCE2 builds, in fact, on the proven strength of PRINCE2 while responding to current imperatives for flexibility and agility. You will discover how the core of the PRINCE2 method, like principles, processes and themes remain unchanged, while a renewed focus on the importance of tailoring has been added: the chapter on tailoring has been, in fact, elaborated and more prominently placed at the beginning of the manual. Furthermore, the distinction between tailoring, adopting and embedding is explained in more detail and there is guidance on how to adopt and embed PRINCE2 in an organization.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Mr. Niels Van Bemmelen is “Organisational Change Management Specialist”. Niels has 20 years of experience in projects and programmes for organisational change. He has been involved in complete business change projects in challenging international environments. As project manager, business analyst and in assurance roles Niels has worked in projects in finance, public sector, tourism and education. He is a multilingual accredited trainer and consultants for PRINCE2, MSP, MoP, P3O, PRINCE2 Agile and Change Management and he teaches in English, Dutch and Italian.

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Date: 24/05/2017

At QRP International our mission is to support individuals and organizations in the development of the needed skills in order to be successful in the implementation of Project, Programme, Portfolio and Change Management. The goal is not only to provide information, but also to create awareness on the importance of the set up of a strong method for your projects and portfolio.  How?

We do so by organizing free events where professionals can network with peers, share lessons and experiences and ask finally their questions to the experts from the field.

This FREE workshop will help you learning more about a method and the benefits for you and your organization: the EVENING format has been developed to meet your needs to have a learning moment after working hours.

TITLE OF THE EVENT: “Mapping Roles and Responsibilities: AgilePM Evening Workshop

ABOUT THE EVENT: Agile continues to take the project management world by storm. No longer confined to software development, Agile approaches have become popular with a wide variety of organisations that need to be more flexible and responsive to deal effectively with the ever-increasing pace of change.

In this workshop, a special focus will be put on the roles and responsibilities within an AgilePM typical project: people working together effectively are the foundation of any successful project. AgilePM recognizes this and assigns clear roles and responsibilities to each person in a project, representing all the interests involved: business, technical, management, process. The goal is to break down potential communication barriers. 

Furthermore, we will map the AgilePM roles compared to the roles structure present in other Agile frameworks such as Scrum, and compared to other Project Management methods such as PRINCE2.

Follow this link to access the full program of the workshop.

ABOUT THE EXPERT: David Maegerman is Project Management specialist with over 10 years of Project Management experience, performing various roles in different types of projects. As a Project Manager, he delivered IT solutions as well as sales/marketing projects in the distribution and insurance industry. He’s a multilingual trainer for PRINCE2 and Agile Project Management, able to perform courses in English, Dutch and French

Inscription: to enroll please follow this link and fill in the form.


  • Location: Regus Offices -Diegem-
  • Time: 18:00 – 19:30- registration starts at 17:30
  • Date: May 24th
  • Language: English
  • Trainer: David Maegerman, PRINCE2 and AgilePM accredited trainer and consultant
  • Attendance fee: FREE entrance, registration required
  • Inscription: to enroll please follow this link and fill in the form.
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Date: 28/04/2017

Whether you are just starting to find out about Agile, or already considering it as a potential new way of working, ‘Why Agile?’ is a very sensible question. Over the last few year, many different surveys have highlighted how project management is key to realizing an organization’s strategy and, furthermore, how delivering successful projects is a real challenge. For example, the KMPG’s 2012 Project and Programme management survey has shown that the average success rate for (IT) projects in the market appears to be around one in three: this means that two third of projects are not successful.

The answer APMG International will provide in this white paper consists of looking at available ways of working, highlighting their strengths and weaknesses, and listing out the benefits that an Agile way of working can bring to your business.

Keep reading to download this new article!

TITLE: Why Agile?

ABOUT THE ARTICLE: This article from APMG International has the goal to explain how different projects can be managed with different methods, and how to recognize the minimum requirements for one method or another: by using Agile, companies can try to change and improve a number of aspects, ranging from recognising that sometimes you we can’t define all requirements up front, through to involving the customer on a continuous basis, and up to delivery of the products and services. The article continues listing a number of achievements you can get to by implementing an Agile model in the right situation, which will finally answer the starting question: “Why Agile?”

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Alex Gray, Lean & Agile Trainer/Coach, is a professional, versatile and enthusiastic Lean & Agile Trainer / Coach with 20 years’ experience in varied IT projects and roles. A member of the BCS Agile Expert Panel, and an author of the BCS Foundation in Agile Practices syllabus, examination and course materials.

TO READ AND DOWNLOAD THE FULL ARTICLE: simply follow this link!


  • Agile and the Best Management Practice framework within the Public Sector – Read More
  • 5 Ways PRINCE2 can be Agile – Read More
  • A Response to Uncertainty? Discover the Agile Approach – Read More
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Date: 24/04/2017

PRINCE2 is firmly established as the world’s most practiced method for project management and is globally recognized for delivering successful projects.

The updated 2017 guidance, its first since 2009, places a strong emphasis on the scalability and flexibility of the method and on how best to tailor it to the complexity and specific requirements of a project.


  • Increased emphasis on tailoring PRINCE2 to the needs of organizations and a varied range of project environments
  • Demonstrates a greater link between the themes and principles
  • Restructuring of the ‘Themes’ chapters to accommodate typical examples of tailoring
  • Provides increased guidance on the practical application of the method, with numerous examples, hint and tips
  • Improvements to the structure and format have been made throughout the manual to en-sure it is easier to navigate and use
  • The updated guidance and exams has been developed through a collaborative approach involving over 100 members of the broader development team, including practitioners, trainers and consultants
  • PRINCE2’s familiar structure of seven principles, themes and processes have remained constant.

The new 2017 edition publication is the manual from which the syllabus and the examinations are set and supports the new updated PRINCE2 qualification for both Foundation and Practitioner examinations.

Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2 2017 is currently available to pre-order.

Please contact us to pre-order your copy.


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Date: 24/04/2017

If we see Project Management through the lens of the so called “big picture”, projects are the tools a company possesses to realize its strategy: from projects, all the way up to portfolio, projects are the concrete and practical results of where the organization decides to invest its money.
This should make clear why project management is getting more and more importance in the business world.

Over the last few years there has been an increasing interest in the analysis of how the future of Project Managers will look like. There are many reports and researches on the topic, and the most recent one is surely the “The Future Project Management Professional” from Axelos. This report identifies the key trends that will most impact the project, programme and portfolio management profession, as well as the technical and interpersonal skills that will be required.

Keep reading to find out how the changes in the Project Management world have played an important role into the PRINCE2 2017 version: new article available for download!

TITLE: What’s the future for Project Management? Understanding PRINCE2 2017 Version

ABOUT THE ARTICLE: This article from QRP International has the goal to explain what’s the general status within Project Management world, and how the changes in this environment have helped raise the need for an updated version to PRINCE2. By analyzing the latest report in Project Management, the “The Future Project Management Professional” from Axelos, the article examines the 4 main aspects of change for the profession of Project Manager, and highlights how these changes have a great impact on a well-known and internationally recognized certification like PRINCE2. The article also mentions the main areas where PRINCE2 has been updated.

TO READ AND DOWNLOAD THE FULL ARTICLE: simply follow this link!


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