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AgilePM Practitioner
agile practitioner training

Agile Practitioner Training and Exam

The Agile Practitioner Training aims to measure whether the candidate has sufficient knowledge and understanding of the Agile Project Management guidance to apply and tailor it to a given scenario situation.

The scenario is designed to allow the candidate to demonstrate competence to begin working as an Agile Project Manager on a non-complex project, and to pass the Agilepm Practitioner exam.

The Agile Practitioner Training is a 2 day course and is very detailed with a focus on scenarios. The Agile Practitioner exam can be taken on the afternoon.

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Following the completion of the course participants should:

  • Apply the underpinning philosophy and principles of Agile DSDM Atern in a project situation.
  • Appropriately configure the lifecycle of an Agile project to a given scenario.
  • Produce and evaluate the content of Agile products produced during an Agile project in a given scenario.
  • Identify the Agile techniques to be used for a given situation within a scenario.
    Understand the roles and responsibilities within an Agile project and correctly determine the appropriate personnel to fulfil these roles within a given scenario.
  • Understand the mechanisms for control of an Agile Project which are specific to an Agile project.
  • Understand in outline how to test, estimate and measure progress in an Agile project.
  • Describe the agile approach to managing requirements and identify action to rectify problems with requirements within an Agile project from a given scenario.
  • Pass the AgilePM Practitioner exam

Target audience

  • Practising project managers
  • Agile team members who wish to become Agile Project Managers

AgilePM Practitioner Exam

  • 2.5 hour
  • Objective Test
  • 4 questions
  • 80 possible marks
  • 50% pass mark
  • Open book (Agile manual only)

Upon successful completion of the exam and following confirmation of the results, the participants will receive a unique, secure and auditable electronic certificate from APMG International.


It is desirable but not essential that participants have some experience in working on projects. Some pre-reading material is provided prior to the event and is expected to be fully read before attending the course. The Foundation exam must have been passed if attending the final day of the course.


The following course material is included for this event:

  • Pre-Event Study Materials

The event preparation materials include a structured Pre-Event Study Guide.

  • AgilePM Practitioner Event Handout

This handout contains case study, exercises and solutions, Practitioner test-exams and hints & tips for the Practitioner Examination.

Why choose QRP?

  1. Prepare more efficiently with our pre-course study guide available online
  2. Keep up to date with free access to plenty of articles and case studies
  3. Receive stimulating hints and tips to pass your examination at the 1st try

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Agile Practitioner Virtual Classroom Training – Course Calendar

QRP International organises fully accredited Agile Practitioner Training virtually.

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Agile Practitioner Training – Course Calendar

QRP International organises fully accredited Agile Practitioner Training in Brussels.

AgilePM - Practitioner2 DaysEnglish22-23 October 2020Gent1540+ VATBook now
AgilePM - Practitioner2 DaysEnglish19-20 November 2020Antwerpen1540+ VATBook now
AgilePM - Practitioner2 DaysFrench19-20 November 2020Brussels1540+ VATBook now
AgilePM - Practitioner2 DaysEnglish17-18 December 2020Brussels1540+ VATBook now

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Nothing makes us happier than hearing how happy we make you!

“QRP was able to react quickly to our need for AgilePM training and certification in a very short time. This allowed us to meet our project opportunities in time.”

Philippe Bouëssel

Project Manager @ WIPRO, France

“Agile Project Management training takes us to the heart of an efficient and flexible project management methodology which I intend to use on my next website projects. Thank you QRP for its seriousness and professionalism.”

Claire Cornic

Gérante @ GBDP Formation, France

“I’m quite satisfied about the training. It gave me a good understanding of what is meant with Agile and I could pick up some good tips and tricks to put in practice.”

Lotte de Graeve

CRM consultant @ Business & Decision, Belgium

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