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PMI Certifications- PMP and CAPM

The PMI  certifications- CAPM® and PMP® –  are internationally recognized professional qualifications of a Project Manager, they demonstrate that you have the experience, education and competency to lead and direct projects and project teams

PMI (Project Management Institute)

Founded in 1969 in the United States, PMI delivers value for more than 2.9 million professionals working in nearly every country in the world through global advocacy, collaboration, education and research.
Being the world most diffused Project Management organization,  the PMI advances careers, improves organizational success and further matures the profession of project management through its globally recognized standards, certifications, resources, tools, academic research, publications, professional development courses and networking opportunities.

The top reasons to join the PMI:

  • Download the PMBoK guide for free and in the desired language (Arabic, Chinese [simplified], English,French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese Brazilian, Russian and Spanish).
  • Save money on globally recognized certifications and more
  • Join our community to make local and global connections
  • Master new skills through free webinars and events
  • Stay ahead of deadlines using 1,000+ free tools and templates

 PMI Certifications

In an increasingly projectized world, professional certifications ensure that project managers are ready to meet the demands of projects across the globe. Solidify your skill set and face project challenges head-on with PMI certifications. Developed by practitioners for practitioners and representing diverse global audiences, PMBoK certifications give you a technical and financial edge.


PMP is for Senior Project Managers whereas, CAPM is the right qualification for Junior Project Managers. The main difference between the two certifications concerns the prerequisits to access the exam and the number of question/timing of the exam itself. The content of the training is the same for both certifications: it’ s a 5 day training, delivered as a classroom event focussing on the 10 knowledge areas and processes of the PMBoK®—6th edition. The PMBoK is the official manual for PMP and CAPM and it contains the foundamental Best Practices that every Project Manager has to know and enact to achieve high quality standards when working in any kind of project. This international guide provides project managers with pivotal tools and techniques essential to manage every stage of the project and to deliver the desired outcome.

Reasons to become PMP and/or CAPM certified:

  • 1 The PMP & CAPM certifications increase your earning potential. PMP certification holders earn 20% more than their non-certified peers according to Earning Power: Project Management Salary Survey, Ninth Edition.
  • 2 When more than one-third of their project managers are PMP-certified, organizations complete more of their projects on time, on budget and meeting original goals (Pulse of the Profession® study, PMI, 2015). 
  • 3 Being PMP / CAPM certified means that you speak and understand the global language of project management and connects you to a community of professionals, organizations and experts worldwide
  • 4 PMP/CAPM certifies that the Project Manager not only own a deep knowledge of the PMBoK but he / she  possess the skills and capability to lead projects as well.

PMBoK 6 edition: What’s New in the PMBOK® Guide?

The sixth edition has been published on September, 2017: the exam structure remains the same but the terminology has been updated on the 6th edition of the PMBoK guide.

Here the main changes introduced:

  • Guidance on how to implement the PMBoK approaches in agile environments
  • Trends and emerging practices
  • Tailoring considerations
  • A greater emphasis on Strategic and Business Knowledge
  • A new section on the role of the project manager

PMP Training and Certification

Discover the PMP certification

CAPM Training and Certfication

Discover the CAPM certification


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