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P3O Combi
P3O PMO Management

P3O (PMO) Foundation & Practitioner Training and Exam

QRP International offers the full one week P3O COMBI session to those candidates willing to be trained and certified for the level Foundation and Practitioner during a five day course.

This unique training week includes BOTH the Foundation and the Practitioner examinations and candidates can benefit from a reduction of 15% on the total price.

The P3O Combi course is divided in two sessions: 3 days P3O Foundation and 2 days P3O Practitioner course as follow:

The P3O® Foundation Course covers the whole of the syllabus of P3O Foundation level and prepares participants for the P3O Foundation Examination. To this end they need to show they understand the principles and terminology of the guide.

The P3O® Practitioner Course provides an opportunity to apply the concepts of the P3O guidance to a scenario and prepares participants for the P3O Practitioner Examination. To this end they need to exhibit the knowledge required for the Foundation qualification, and show that they have a full understanding of how to justify, build and manage a P3O.

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Following the completion of the course participants should:

  • Be able to describe the high-level P3O model and know the differences between Portfolio, Programme andProject Management
  • Know the arguments for establishing a P3O model and measuring its success
  • Describe the purpose and major content of all roles
  • State the key functions and services of a P3O
  • Describe tools and techniques used by a P3O
  • Know how to develop a governance structure that helps optimize an organization’s investment in change alongside its Business as Usual work
  • Pass the Foundation exam
  • Demonstrate their ability to define the business case to get senior management approval for the P3O
  • Demonstrate their ability to build the right P3O model to adapt to the organization’s needs, taking account of the organization’s size and PPM maturity
  • Demonstrate their ability to plan the implementation of a P3O
  • Demonstrate their ability to use tools and techniques in running the P3O and shaping the portfolio of programmes and projects
  • Pass the Practitioner exam

Target audience

  • Senior Project/Programme Managers
  • PM Office Members
  • Individuals with key portfolio, programme or project office roles
  • Aspirant Project/Programme Managers
  • Individuals newly-appointed to portfolio, programme or project office roles or those wishing to gain formal qualifications after some support office experience.
  • The course would be of benefit to those aspiring to a more senior role

P3O Foundation Exam

  • 1 hour
  • 75 questions
  • Multiple choice
  • 50% pass mark
  • Closed book

P3O Practitioner Exam

  • 2.5 hours
  • Objective Test
  • 4 questions
  • 80 possible marks
  • 50% pass mark
  • Open book (P3O manual only)

Upon successful completion of the exam and following confirmation of the results, the participants will receive a unique, secure and auditable electronic certificate from PEOPLECERT.


It is desirable but not essential that participants have some experience in working on projects/programmes. Project Management experience or Project Board experience is required for those asking for the Practitioner exam. Some pre-read material is provided prior to the event, which is expected to be fully read and studied before attending the course. The participant must have obtained the P3O Foundation certification prior to sit the Practitioner exam.


The following course material is included for this event:

  • Pre-Event Study Materials

The event preparation materials include the P3O Manual and a structured Pre-Event Study Guide.

  • P3O Foundation & Practitioner Event Handout

This handout contains case studies, exercises and solutions, the P3O Glossary, a number of Foundation and Practitioner test-exams and hints & tips for the Foundation and Practitioner Examination.

Why choose QRP?

  1. Prepare more efficiently with our pre-course study guide available online.
  2. Receive the latest version of the official P3O manual ‘Portfolio, Programme and Project Offices: P3O’ in advance
  3. Save money, our prices include pre-course material, manuals, exams and certificate.
  4. Be well prepared for your examination with 2 sample papers for both the Foundation and Practitioner level.
  5. Achieve practical experience of PMO, all our trainers have 15+ years experience in setting up and working in various PMOs structures in a wide range of private and public sector organisations.
  6. Get it right, our training course is fully accredited by PEOPLECERT!
  7. Just Relax, you get a PASS GUARANTEE on your P3O Foundation AND your P3O Practitioner!! At QRP International we promise to provide the highest level of training and service to help you gain your P3O certification. We’re confident that you’ll pass BOTH Foundation and Practitioner exam at the first attempt with us and If you don’t, we will let you take the course a second time at no cost, you will just have to pay the resit exam fee.

Do you have more than 2 participants interested in that course? Ask for our multiple discount rate
Do you need to adapt the course to your organization? Look at our customized solution

Need a basic understanding of P3O?

Check our P3O Foundation Course

Already P3O Foundation certified?

Check our P3O Practitioner Course

Virtual Course Calendar

QRP International organizes a fully accredited Virtual P3O combi training.

You might be able to get some financial support, check here how to finance your training.

P3O - Combi7 half daysEnglish8-9-10-11-15-16-17 March 2021Virtual2356+ VATBook now
P3O - Combi7 half daysEnglish7-8-9-10-14-15-16 June 2021Virtual2356+ VATBook now

Classroom Course Calendar

QRP International organises fully accredited P3O Foundation & Practitioner Training in Brussels.

P3O - Combi5 DaysEnglish8-9-10-11-12 March 2021Brussels2945+ VATBook now
P3O - Combi5 DaysEnglish7-8-9-10-11 June 2021Brussels2945+ VATBook now

5 Reasons to follow your P3O Foundation & Practitioner training with QRP

  • 1 +15 years’ experience
  • 2 +15.000 Delegates certified
  • 3 Official P3O Manual
  • 4 Pre-course study guide
  • 5 Strategic Partner of Axelos


Nothing makes us happier than hearing how happy we make you!

“This QRP training course on P3O provides guidance on how to equip organizations with the structures, services, tools and techniques it needs to ensure consistent successful delivery of programmes and projects across the organization. The main focus is on implementing a P3O as a programme using the MSP methodology. When improving a P3O as a project, problems can arise when the capability is delivered but is not exploited effectively. This is a worthwhile study, but not to be taken lightly”

Tony Vynckier

Finance & Admin Director @ PLUS Uitzendkrachten, Belgium

“QRP international offers adequate range of training services and knowledge level of professionals trainers inline with its customers business expectations. On top of a high level of quality for project, program, portfolio and change management training programs, QRP offers the flexibility that its customers wait for. I appreciate the service level that QRP support team proposed to me.”

Thierry Soleil

Owner @ StarPlanPMO, Belgium

“I followed the P3O training course provided by QRP and found exactly what I was looking after since almost 2 years. This training is a perfect complement to PRINCE2 and MSP when you start thinking about establishing a permanent office dealing with strategy and transformation. It has provided me the missing part of the Project Programme and Portfolio Management puzzle and a very good methodology to start engaging with my Senior Management”

Patrick Castaings

Head Portfolio and Programme Office @ NATO, Belgium

Discover our Additionals Services

In addition to traditional training, we provide a complete solution to ensure that the standards of the method are embedded and customised to your business environment.


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