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Date: 18/09/2020

In order to fit your needs, QRP offers multiple training formats. We offer our training on-site, virtual and in e-learning. However, our on-site training, while still taking place, is heavily influenced by the COVID-19 virus. Today we live in a world where the COVID-19 virus is not to be missed and where you should try to avoid having too much contact.

While our on-site trainings are being planned and take place, it is obvious that QRP has to adhere to some rules. In order to provide the training, QRP follows the COVID safety-guidelines that the government provided. These guidelines have a big impact on our training and can also limit certain parts of it. For example, you will be required to wear your face mask in the training room all day long, which can limit communication. To see the full list of rules and regulations, please click here.

Our advice?

While we always search to provide just what you are looking for, we do like to also share our opinion regarding the current COVID-19 situation. We noticed that there is still a very high request for open classroom training. Normally we support this choice, but seeing the limitations the rules have upon the training we now highly recommend our Virtual Classroom.

QRP strongly advises virtual live training for the following society reasons:

  • Less travel and less contacts with other people is better
  • Home office is still the norm for many organisations

QRP strongly advises virtual live training for the following personal reasons:

  • A live virtual saves you money (10-20% cheaper than onsite courses)
  • A live virtual saves you time (no commuting time)
  • Easy combination with work in our half day program

Not to forget

If you want to follow our PRINCE2 or ITIL 4 Foundation courses, you can also choose for our e-learning solution. This will give you the opportunity to follow the course at your own pace and with your personal rhythm!

For more information or if you need help to choose the right format for you and/or colleagues, do not hesitate to reach out to us. You can email or call us directly, here you will find our contact details.

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Date: 04/08/2020
QRP always tries to improve your experience. That is why we recently added a PayPal account to our services. Our clients can now pay by credit card with a link we send them upon their inscription to one of our courses. All credit cards are allowed. By adding this to our service, we hope to ease your inscription process. Simplifying this, we hope to help you focus on the more important part, the course itself! VAT discount extra For private buyers, we currently also offer up to 30 % discount, as a QRP COVID Measure. This is only available for those that decide to follow one of our courses on a private basis and pay from their own resource. By offering this discount, we hope to stimulate your professional growth. We believe that professional development is always a priority, even in the midst of a global crisis. Contact us directly to learn more. On-site, Virtual or E-learning? We are constantly keeping track of the government in order to be able to understand when we can plan on-site courses again. In order to plan these in a safe manner, we follow the safety measures set by the government. This August we again started to organise on-site training again. If the situation changes, we will convert these into virtual courses. We offer all our courses virtually. We also offer PRINCE2 E-learning and ITIL 4 Foundation E-learning (French only). To learn more about the differences between the different course-formats (On-site, Virtual & E-learning) and to understand what format best fits your needs, we recommend you to download this whitepaper & infographic. Best news, we are sure we have a format that fits your needs. Happy learning!
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Date: 23/04/2020
QRP International loves to organize events that will help you grow professionally. We like to continue your training outside of the classroom and keep you involved in the Best Practice Methodologies. Unfortunately we had to postpone many of our ‘real-life’ events to a later date this year, but we found another way to provide you with food for thought; online events! We did not only change all our courses into online courses in our virtual classroom, we also planned a series of webinars to inspire you. The webinars we planned are the following;

April 30th, 11.00 AM; How to apply PRINCE2 Virtually?

Our expert and accredited trainer Stijn Janssens will help you apply PRINCE2 virtually. He will cover topics such as communication, changes of processes and lessons learned. Of course you can also ask any questions you might have. To watch the webinar recording, click here. Learn more and read the blogs Stijn Janssens wrote about the topic. Blog: PRINCE2 Principles applied to virtual projects or Communication in virtual projects.

May 19th 16.30 PM; Agile Frameworks

The term Agile always raises room for discussion, there are many different opinions and perspectives. Can you explain what Agile means to you and your organization? We asked our expert and accredited trainer Kim Delgadillo to once and for all explain about the different Agile Frameworks. Find out what fits your organization! To watch the webinar recording, click here. Learn more and read the blog Kim Delgadillo wrote about the Agile transformation. Blog: The Agile Transformation; the kickstart.

June 2nd 16.30 PM; SCRUM Master by APMG

SCRUM is a methodology that changed the way of work for thousands of organizations. It helps prioritize and deliver. One of the most important roles within the SCRUM set up is the SCRUM Master, but what does he/she actually do? We asked our expert Kim Delgadillo to take you on a journey into the world of the SCRUM Master during a free webinar.  To watch the webinar recording, click here. Want to read more about Scrum? Download the whitepaper 'Discovery of Scrum; the foundation' for free!

June 23rd 16.30 PM; Trial and error; applying ITIL 4

You have followed the course, passed the exam and are now a proud owner of an ITIL 4 certificate. But what do you do next, how to actually apply ITIL 4 on a daily basis? ITIL 4 is created to adopt and adapt, to tailor to your organization. Easier said than done, we know. That is why we invited our expert and trainer Kais Albassir to host an online ITIL 4 user event.  During this afternoon, Kais will share his take on the ITIL 4 application. But that is not all, we will create a discussion and answer all questions you might have. Join us here for free! For any questions, feel free to contact us directly.
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Date: 26/03/2020
The current pandemic is challenging all of us in many different ways. One big challenge is the fact that all of us are currently strongly advised to work from home. Meetings are cancelled, plans have changed and business as usual is interrupted. Also we as QRP International have to alter the planning of our courses.  However, the pandemic was also the last push we needed to finally execute the plan we have had for a long time; Virtual Classrooms. As of now we can offer all of our courses virtually. We have the same teachers, the same challenging learning methods and the same energy. The only difference, you and the other participants are all in different locations. 

Our Virtual Classroom solution

We do our utmost to make our clients happy. It is with this core value in the back of our heads that we developed the Virtual Classrooms. We thought about giving you the best possible learning experience. In this light we decided not to just copy the on site classroom courses, but we shuffled it up. Our Virtual Classroom courses are made out of a mix of live training and homework. This is because we do not think you will be happy to sit behind your webcam for eight hours straight.  The morning or afternoon sessions are taught live and that is where the trainer explains the methodology. This is your opportunity to ask questions to the trainer and engage with the other participants. The other part of the day, you will actively apply all that you learned while doing the homework. To do this homework we use tools that will make it easier for you to study and that have AI driven exam simulations. After finishing the course you will be more than ready to complete the exam! 

High quality solution

The Q in QRP stands for Quality, so quality is what we deliver. We use a state of the art e-learning software and provide you with a course that is in line with our quality standards. As you expect, the course is provided in English/French and Dutch.  The Virtual Classroom courses are taught by our trainers, experienced and still active in their respective field. The courses include examples of real life situations and are adapted to the group of participants in order to offer them the best possible experience. 

Why now?

The changes in your business as usual might leave you with some time left on your hands. Once everything will go back to normal you will probably be challenged with an overload of new projects, programmes and software development. Now is the time to build up the expertise to face these coming changes so why not follow a course, get a certificate and change your business downtime into business uptime QRP develops professionals to facilitate change. So we have been able to provide you with a solution during this challenging time for all of us. We offer our Virtual Classrooms next to our e-learning solutions and also hope to start providing you again with classroom courses on site soon. If you want to know more, download our Virtual Classroom brochure here. Or contact us directly at or +32 (0) 2 80 81 014.   
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Date: 11/04/2020
QRP International offers her training also through the KMO-Portefeuille for the clients that have the possibility to benefit from this measure.  Important to note is that the training must be followed by an approved training organization, like QRP International. More info on how it works you can find on: The “KMO Portefeuille” is a measure that gives you - as an entrepreneur - financial support for the purchase of services that improve the quality of your company. Specifically, these services are training and advisory services, such as one of the QRP courses, onsite as well as virtual The “KMO Portefeuille” was adjusted on 1 December 2019. Since then, a small company can receive 30% aid, a medium-sized company 20%. Since 1 January 2020, the maximum aid ceiling per year is EUR 7,500

QRP International offers also Virtual Training with the KMO-Portefeuille

  1. One of the main reasons to apply the subsidy is that the client (private or corporate) is residing in Flanders. In the 4 steps that follow, the procedure on how to subscribe with the KMO-portefeuille, is explained:
    1. You register for the training of your choice onsite: or virtual
    2. You receive the invoice from QRP International and the number of QRP International within the KMO-Portefeuille (DV.O237496). QRP is registered under QRP BE BVBA
    3. Client does a “projectaanvraag” within the KMO-portefeuille, at least 14 days after the start date of the course, on the website of the KMO-portefeuille. 
    4. Payment to be done on KMO, nothing needs to be paid directly to QRP
    For more information on how the KMO-Portfolio grant works and the latest updated information:

Other subsidies

There are more subsidies you can use to finance your training next to the KMO-Portefeuille. For example Cheque-Formation or Co-Valent. For more information, click here.

Further Information

Visit our Open Course or Virtual Classroom page to see our schedule of courses, dates and locations, or contact us!

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Date: 28/02/2020
Axelos recently launched its last two ITIL 4 Managing Professional stream modules; ITIL 4 Drive Stakeholder Value and ITIL 4 High Velocity IT. With the publication of these two modules, the ITIL 4 Managing Professional stream is now completely available. The ITIL 4 Managing Professional stream targets professionals that work with technology and digital teams across a wide range of businesses. The ITIL 4 Managing Professional Stream provides practical and technical knowledge about how to successfully run IT projects, teams and workflows. ITIL 4 Drive Stakeholder Value This module includes all types of stakeholder engagement and interaction between a service provider and their customers, users, suppliers and partners. The aim of the ITIL 4 Drive Stakeholder Value module is to focus on the conversion of demand into value through IT services. It helps professionals to always keep the customer and their customer journey in mind when developing their services. For the first time in ITIL, we are seeing users and creators being included in multi-dependent workflows and systems. The module provides tools to improve stakeholder satisfaction, which is essential for the success of businesses in their current competitive landscape. Those with a certification in ITIL 4 Drive Stakeholder Value are able to:
  • Influence stakeholders
  • Stimulate a culture based on transparency and collaboration
  • Ensure that customers demands are met
  • Create a great customer experience
Interested in maximizing your customers experience? Inscribe for our webinar on the 2nd of April with ITIL expert Kaïs Albassir, or read more about ITIL 4 Drive Stakeholder Value here. ITIL 4 High Velocity IT This module focuses on preparing professionals and businesses to remain relevant in an always changing digital landscape.The High Velocity IT module helps to distinguish between IT transformation and digital transformation. The module uses ITIL-principles to optimize and demonstrate how organisational improvements are tailored to create a high-speed environment. The module helps professionals to put practices such as Agile, DevOps and Lean together with technologies such as Cloud, Automation and advanced analytical methods to a holistic and integrated approach. Those with a certification in ITIL 4 High Velocity IT are able to:
  • Be successful and limiting risks in high speed environments
  • Improve efficiency
  • Collaborate with Agile, DevOps and Lean
  • Help digital transformations
Interested to take your organisation to the next digital level? Inscribe for our webinar on the 14th of April with ITIL expert Kaïs Albassir, or read more about ITIL 4 High Velocity IT here. The other ITIL 4 Management Professional Stream modules Launched late last year are the other two Management Professional Stream modules; ‘Create, Deliver & Support’ and ‘Direct, Plan & Improve’. The module Create, Deliver & Support focuses on the integration of different value flows and activities to create, deliver and support IT products and services. Curious? See this page to learn more. The module Direct, Plan & Improve focuses on creating strategies and developing teams dedicated to continuous improvement. This module is especially aimed at managers of all levels. Curious? See this page to learn more. Do you want to reach out to us directly to have more information, or are you curious to see what type of module fits your organisation best? Write us at
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