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DOI DevOps Foundation
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Devops Foundation Course & Certification

The DevOps Foundation course provides a baseline understanding of key DevOps terminology to ensure everyone is talking the same language and highlights the benefits of DevOps to support organizational success. Learners will gain an understanding of DevOps, the cultural and professional movement that stresses communication, collaboration, integration, and automation to improve the flow of work between software developers and IT operations professionals. The training covers the full syllabus of the Foundation module and prepares all the participants to take the Devops Foundation exam.

Devops Foundation is a 3 days classroom based course designed for a broad audience, enabling those on the business side to obtain an understanding of Kubernetes and Containers. Those on the technical side will obtain an understanding as to the business value of DevOps to reduce cost with increased quality and agility to support business objectives in support of digital transformation initiatives. Unique and exciting exercises will be used to apply the concepts covered in the course and sample documents, templates, tools, and techniques will be provided to use after the class. The course includes the exam to obtain the Certification Devops Foundation.

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Devops Foundation Course


The learning objectives for DevOps Foundation include an understanding of:

  • DevOps objectives and vocabulary
  • Benefits to the business and IT
  • Principles and practices including Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, testing, security and the Three Ways
  • DevOps relationship to Agile, Lean and ITSM
  • Improved workflows, communication and feedback loops
  • Automation practices including deployment pipelines and DevOps toolchains
  • Scaling DevOps for the enterprise
  • Critical success factors and key performance indicators
  • Real-life examples and results

Target Audience

The target audience for the DevOps Foundation course includes Management, Operations, Developers, QA and Testing professionals such as:

  • Individuals involved in IT development, IT operations or IT service management
  • Individuals who require an understanding of DevOps principles
  • IT professionals working within, or about to enter, an Agile Service Design Environment
  • The following IT roles: Automation Architects, Application Developers, Business Analysts, Business Managers, Business Stakeholders, Change Agents, Consultants, DevOps Consultants, DevOps Engineers, Infrastructure Architect, Integration Specialists, IT Directors, IT Managers, IT Operations, IT Team Leaders, Lean Coaches, Network Administrators, Operations Managers, Project Managers, Release Engineers, Software Developers, Software Tester/QA, System Administrators, Systems Engineers, System Integrators, Tool Providers

Devops Foundation Examination Design

  • Number of questions: 40
  • Type of questions: multiple choice
  • Marks: 40 marks available.
  • Provisional pass mark: 65% or higher
  • Duration: 60 minutes (75 for non-native speakers)
  • This is a ‘closed book’ examination

The Certification Exam takes place the last day of the course, the third day, in the afternoon. Open-course participants may need to bring their laptop in order to take the on-line exam.


Familiarity with IT terminology and IT related work experience are recommended. The pre-reading material will be available before of the beginning of the course, participants are encouraged to study it before the beginning of the course. A good knowledge of English is mandatory


The following DevOps Foundation course material is included for this event:

  • Pre-Event Study Materials
    The event preparation materials include a structured Pre-Event Study Guide- available online.
  • Devops Foundation Event Handout
    This handout contains case study, exercises and solutions, Devops Glossary, Foundation test-exams and hints & tips for the Foundation Examination.

Devops Foundation Exam

  • Number of questions: 40
  • Type of questions: multiple choice
  • Marks: 40 marks available.
  • Provisional pass mark: 65% or higher
  • Duration: 60 minutes (75 for non-native speakers)
  • This is a ‘closed book’ examination
  • Language: English



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