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PRINCE2 Online
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PRINCE2 elearning course: online training and exam

The PRINCE2 elearning course is based on the official PRINCE2 6th edition syllabus and available in English and French.

Developed by QRP in-house experts, our fully accredited PRINCE2 elearning course has been taken from the official PRINCE2 syllabus and made into an interactive and exclusive online training solution in order to prepare you for the Foundation and the Practitioner PRINCE2 exam.

Our experienced PRINCE2 elearning experts explain the method through a wide range of video, interactive readings and practice test and exam questions, which will help you to not only know PRINCE2 and pass your PRINCE2 exam, but also apply it for your projects. This PRINCE2 online course has been designed to provide an interactive and engaging explanation of the PRINCE2 method. Try our Demo lesson for free

PRINCE2 e-learning: how does it work?

How to purchase your PRINCE2 e-learning

Choose between E-learning Foundation, Practitioner and Combi and click on “subscribe” to complete the purchase!

The exams are included in the e-learning: you will have 6 months (10 in case of the Combi) to book and take your exam online directly from your PC with the Proctor U system. With the purchase of an e-learning, you will receive your exam voucher (vouchers in case of Combi) and all information you need to book and take your exam.

PRINCE2 Foundation Practitioner10 monthsFrench€ 1250+ VATBook now
PRINCE2 Practitioner6 monthsFrench€ 690+ VATBook now
PRINCE2 Foundation6 monthsEnglish€ 690+ VATBook now
PRINCE2 Practitioner6 monthsEnglish€ 690+ VATBook now
PRINCE2 Foundation Practitioner10 monthsEnglish€ 1250+ VATBook now
PRINCE2 Foundation6 monthsFrench€ 690+ VATBook now

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