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What is PRINCE2?

PRINCE2 ® (Projects IN Controlled Environment) is a structured method for the effective and efficient management of projects. It is a generic, best-practice approach for the management of all types of projects and it has become the de facto standard for organising, managing and controlling projects globally.

The method divides projects into manageable stages to encourage efficient control of resources and regular progress monitoring. PRINCE2 is "product-based", meaning the project plans are focused on delivering results, and not simply planning when activities will be undertaken; it provides a common language across a project and provides breakpoints within a contractual framework.


  • An organised and controlled start, making sure there is a valid reason for the project and that all people and resources have been organized and are ready for the project
  • An organised and controlled middle, once the project has been organized and has started, making sure its validity is maintained and the work carried out is controlled throughout the project life
  • An organised and controlled end. A controlled end is always better than the natural tendency to drift into the operational life of a project’s product, hence we need to make sure the project deliverable is accepted by our client before officially closing the project
  • Regular reviews of progress against plan and against the Business Case
  • Flexible decision points
  • Controlled management of deviations from the project plans thanks to the Management By Exception principle
  • The involvement of management and stakeholders at the right time and place during the project
  • Good communication amongst the project management team, the stakeholders, and the rest of the organization


  • More than 450.000 certified managers
  • Used in more than 150 countries around the world
  • 20,000 organizations already benefiting from its pioneering and trusted approach
  • The number of people taking PRINCE2 qualifications increases by around 20% year on year
  • Used by leading public and private organisations globally 


The method is explained in the following key elements:

  • 7 Processes forming the project management
  • 7 Principles forming the basis of good method of managing projects
  • 7 Themes, knowledge areas which support specific key areas of project management


If you want to become a Registered Practitioner, you MUST sit the Foundation Examination and then the Practitioner Examination, in that order.

You can sit both exams in the same week or even day, or you can split them and sit them months (or even years!) apart.

  • The PRINCE2 Foundation is the first of the two PRINCE2 Examinations you are required to pass to become a PRINCE2 Practitioner. This level is aiming to measure whether a candidate would be able to act as an informed member of a project management team using the PRINCE2 method within a project environment supporting PRINCE2
  • The PRINCE2 Practitioner level is aiming to measure whether a candidate could apply PRINCE2 to the running and managing of a non-complex project within an environment supporting PRINCE2
  • The PRINCE2 Agile Practitioner level is aiming to measure whether a candidate could apply and tailor PRINCE2 Agile in a scenario situation, combining the PRINCE2 skills with Agile methods. 


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