PRINCE2 2017: Updated Process Flow Diagram

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    PRINCE2 - PRINCE2 2017 - Project Management -

    The Process Flow Diagram is a key document for all project managers that want to run a project following the recommended steps and processes. The PRINCE2 Process Flow Diagram is a graphical ‘at a glance‘ representation of all the PRINCE2 processes and how they fit together and it shows all the processes involved in running a PRINCE2 project from start to finish.
    This version of the Process Map is the renewed and updated one according to the new 2017 version of the PRINCE2 method:
    – 7 Processes forming the project management
    – 7 Principles forming the basis of good method of managing projects
    – 7 Themes, knowledge areas which support specific key areas of project management
    PRINCE2 (Projects IN Controlled Environment) is a structured method for the effective and efficient management of projects. It is a generic, best-practice approach for the management of all types of projects and it has become the de facto standard for organising, managing and controlling projects globally.