Methodology and Project Management Maturity. What’s changed during Covid?

Time: 12.00 Location: Online Type: Webinar Language:
  • Expert: Serge Schiltz – President of ecoHERMES,
    Claudia Kary – Associate Professor Business School Lausanne,
    Consultant and Assessor for Project Management
  • Date: Thursday 27 May 2021
  • Time: 12h00
  • Duration: + 30 minutes of presentation
    + 30 minutes for your questions/comments
  • Language: English
  • Inscription: Free

In 2019 the master’s students of the Business School of Lausanne under the management of their professor, Claudia Kary, executed a survey in the hospital sector that revealed a close correlation between the existence of a Project Management standard within an organisation and their level of maturity.

PRINCE2 and Hermes were the two standards mostly used by Swiss hospitals. Hospitals, which used either standard as their project management backbone had a higher overall maturity than those not applying any standard.

A follow-on online workshop with several hospitals after the first wave of the pandemic furthermore revealed changed needs in project management. Because of the necessity to react quickly, organisations adopted agile ways of working.
However, not being able to work in close contact with your colleagues was named as a big obstacle in “agile” projects.

In line with these events, QRP, in association with ecoHermes and Claudia Kary, decided to organize a further online event. The event aims to present the main points of the survey and workshop, focusing mainly on the HERMES methodology, and to create a space where professionals have the opportunity to give their own personal contributions.

About the event

We invited a group of experts to discuss Project Management related topics.
The event is divided into three pillars:

1. Survey & Workshop Outcomes – about 20 minutes
Presentation of the outcomes of the survey and workshops, covering the topics of project management maturity in relation to methodologies such as HERMES before and during the pandemic period

2. Panel Discussion – about 30 minutes
Free space dedicated to questions, comments and topics proposed by attendees.

3. ProfeoMAS – about 10 minutes
How a Project Management maturity assessment can support you in identifying adequate actions to further improve your project management.

Why attend this event?

In this webinar, you will learn about the impact that the application of HERMES or PRINCE2 has on the success of projects. A survey conducted in the Swiss health sector before the occurrence of the COVID-19 pandemic, combined with a recent follow-up illustrates how crucial project management capabilities are in times of crisis.

You will learn how a project management maturity assessment is applied to an organization and how you can improve processes based on collected data and expertise from specialists in the field.

There will be room for intense discussions after the two presentations. Contribute with your experience of the last year of the pandemic, discuss with professionals in your field and get interesting insights into how methodologies can help your daily work and project management.

About the Experts

Claudia Kary
Since 1984, Claudia Kary has managed various projects of varying complexity for companies in different industries all over the world. She has worked for British American Tobacco, the Universitätsspital Zürich, as an expert for SECO, the United Nations, and many others. Claudia ensured that the entire organization has the necessary capability to align projects with the organization’s strategy and to enable the successful implementation of these projects.

Serge Schilz
As an expert in process and project management in various sectors, Serge has extensive experience in designing business processes and implementing change projects. He places great emphasis on the beneficial implementation of concepts that support effective business management.
Serge is one of the founders and president of the ecoHERMES association.

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