PRINCE2 Tailoring: “PRINCE2 on A4” and PRINCE2 for complex projects

Time: 18.30 Location: Regus Offices, Bruxelles-Midi Type: Workshop Language:

TAILORING: “Adapting a method or process to suit the situation in which it will be used” (from “Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2” manual, p.30)

The 2017 version of PRINCE2, while keeping the essentials of the method unchanged, focuses on the principle of TAILORING, underlining how PRINCE2 should be tailored for a project’s particular circumstances. The renewed emphasis on this principle is proven by a completely new chapter on “Tailoring and adopting PRINCE2″. In this chapter the authors show how PRINCE2 can and MUST be tailored to suit specific situations. To that they add a lot of useful tips on what can be tailored and how.” In the end, “If the organization does not consider tailoring, then it is not using PRINCE2” (from “Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2” manual, p.31).


Tailoring can be applied to processes, themes, roles, management products and terminology: tailoring is concerned with the appropriate use of PRINCE2 in any given situation. This 1 hour workshop will show you how to apply PRINCE2 for very simple projects (“PRINCE2 on A4”) and for bigger projects that will require a more complex PRINCE2 tailoring.


After following this workshop you will understand what to look out for and how to adapt your approach to the scale and complexity of your project, without compromising your ability to manage it. This helps you to make a conscious choice of which project management elements to simplify and which elaborate, to be able to confront projects of different size and complexity.

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Stijn Janssens is a trainer and consultant specialised in project, portfolio management and general management advice. He worked for both the public and the private sector on IT management, Business and IT alignment, and business transformation through technology. Stijn is an expert in Project and Portfolio Management: he coordinated project delivery in previous jobs as release manager: he worked in the alignment of the planning, technical and commercial dependencies of IT enabling business projects


  • Location: Regus Offices, Bruxelles-Midi
  • Date: Tuesday 5th of June
  • Time: 18h30 – 19h30 – 1h session – registration starts at 18h00
  • Language: English
  • Trainer: Stijn Janssens,  PRINCE2 trainer and consultant
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NOTE: This webinar is an information session containing interactive elements. This session will not give you any formal qualification in PRINCE2.