What is PMP and why should I invest in it?

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This is a past event. You can watch the full registration of the webinar here.

Holding the PMP certification is like winning the golden medal of project management. Within the field of project management being PMP certified is the ultimate goal. PMP is not a methodology, but an approach to project management in general. Getting PMP certified is not easy and asks for perseverance. However, both you and your organisation will gain immensely in knowledge, experience and expertise.

To provide you with some more (practical) information, we as QRP have planned a webinar with our expert and trainer Xavier Heusdens. He, PMP certified himself and trainer for over 10 years, will explain the ins and outs of the PMP certification. There will be room for discussion and interaction and you can ask any questions you might have.

Curious about the PMP certification? Don’t hesitate and join us online!

Where & When

Date: 1 October 2020
Time: 17.00
Where: Online
Language: English
Expert: Xavier Heusdens, PMP expert and trainer. Experienced and still active in his respective field.
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