New DevOps Leader Courses Available in Brussels!!

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QRP International is about to launch new DevOps leader courses available in Bruxelles from September 2019!

The Digital Transformation and DevOps – discover how to lead DevOps and get DevOps Leader Certified!

We are living in an era characterized by fast change and automation, technology is pervading every aspect of life. To keep pace with this “digital revolution“, IT professionals and DevelOpers have to continuously upgrade their technical skills in order to be able to deal with new services and procedures.

When  speaking about “revolution” we imagine a change that pervades all the aspects of working activities so, focussing just on technical competencies represents a great underestimation of these changes. Revolution involves also cultural aspects and soft skills! The way of leading teams and departments is affected by digitalization; organizations that want to undertake the digitalization challenges need people capable of leading this change.

Leadership is a transfunctional skill essential to enable any department of the organization to reach the common objectives and maintaining the outcomes during the time. A new figure capable of creating a digital transformation, applying new techniques that have been proven by enterprise organisations is needed. This figure is the DevOps Leader. Organization’s profitability and productivity depends on the team capability to develop products, the good Devops Leader enhance comunication through the department producing profitabilities.

Why enrolling for the DevOps Leader course, and what prerequisits are needed to be DevOps leader certified?

The importance of the DevOps Leader course is represented by its unique position in the market, it was developed by leveraging key DevOps leadership sources to extract real-life best practices in leading DevOps initiatives, such as the Spotify Squad Model, and has been designed to teach the key differences and emerging practices for cultural transformation through leadership in a fast-paced DevOps and Agile environment.

Leadership is a pivotal skill for many function across the team that’s why the DevOps Leader training  is addressed to everyone starting or leading a DevOps digital trasformation program, professionals involved in modern IT leadership and organizational change approaches, change agents, business managers and stakeholders. The only mandatory requirement  is having succeded the DevOps Fundation examination.

The course aims to strenghten the 3 pivotal competencies of a real DevOps Leader:

  • Inspirational Communication: this is the capability of a devops leader to share an appealing vision that inspires and motivates the Devops team to perform beyond expectations. The Leader encourages people to see the change as an opportunity.
  • Intellectual stimulation: capability to challenge a team to ask new questions, challenge assumptions, take risks and generate ideas.
  • Personal recognition: focus on the individual needs, acknowledge better performance and personally compliments for developments and achievements.

DevOps Leader open courses will be available from September 2019, in English in Brussels.

To know more about the DevOps Leader course and to find your next date visit the DevOps Leader page!