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Need to train your team? Do you want to know our training possibilities and find the best training solution for your company and your colleagues?
On this page, you can find all our training options for one or more colleagues. We are here to guide you throughout your choice!

Why you should invest in training your team

There are several reasons why training is critical to an organisation, all equally important:

Your ideal solution in just two steps

1. Choose the right training subject for your team

Want to know our training topics?

We offer training in: Project, Programme, Portfolio Management, IT Management, Change Management, Agile & DevOps.
Visit our Courses page to learn about our complete portfolio.
Need support in choosing the right training for your colleagues? Our team is here to help! Just fill out the form below or give us a call.

Do you already have a clear idea about the certification that interests you?
You can go directly to step 2.

2. Choose the type of training that excites you:


KMO-Portefeuille: Receive financial support for the purchase of services that improve the quality of your business.
Order the courses of your choice, up to 25.000 € (Small Company) and 50.000 € (Medium-Size Company). We will send you an official invoice.

Announce your training at: Pay the VAT amount (21%) directly to QRP. Pay your share of the training into your KMO-portefeuille (wallet). The Flemish government will pay its share of the training into your KMO-portefeuille (this is done immediately and automatically). Send payment to QRP from your KMO-portefeuille.

The training must be followed by an approved training organization, our QRP BE accreditation number is as follows: DV.O237496


  • We offer only accredited training
  • We can adapt the training to your business needs
  • Our trainers are highly qualified
  • We support you throughout your learning journey, from the first information call to the certification exams.

Contact us

Do you need help? Or do you already have clear ideas about the training you are looking for, and you want to receive an offer? Contact us!