PRINCE2 Practitioner: get the advantage of a QRP 3 day training!

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The natural step for  project managers already PRINCE2 Foundation certified is to fully complete their PRINCE2 accreditation by passing the PRINCE2 Practitioner exam. The full accreditation opens new career paths giving a tangible value to the CV and professionality of a Senior Project Manager.  

3 Motives to choose a 3 Day PRINCE2 Practitioner Training 

Once a Practitioner course is completed and the exam is passed the main risk is  to deal with the inability to apply what learnt once back in the office.

You pass your exam, you achieve a new certification but you don’t have a complete understanding of the methodology and how to apply it in real working life because you have been focussing on passing the exam only.  You are confident in finding help by reading the book again and again but it is full of useful principles and lacking in real cases on how to apply them. Sounds familiar??

We care about  delegates and our aim is to really improve their knowledge in order to give a real boost to their careers and organizations. So, does one more day make a real difference? The answer is yes, it does! 

QRP International delivers PRINCE2 Practitioner trainings in 3 days instead of the classical 2 days just to avoid the above mentioned likely situations .

1. Get a  real understanding on how PRINCE2 improves Project Management 

With a classical two day course, the trainer knows that all the program must be covered at the end of the first training day in order to give space to exercises, case studies and to the  exam simulation. The course is delivered at a very fast pace and sometimes candidates risk not to have enough time to ask their questions and trainers get frustrated because of the impossibility of going in-depth with complex topics. 

Having the availability to add one full training day  means that the trainer can cover the program at a more relaxed pace taking  more time for participants’ questions and dedicating more space to the most complex concepts and to the participants learning needs. You will get a real understanding of the methodology and once back in the office you won’t feel as you have to manage a PRINCE2 project out of the blue. 

2.  Take the advantage of learning by several case studies and real life experiences 

Any accredited PRINCE2 Practitioner training course provides an opportunity to apply the concepts of the PRINCE2 methodology to a scenario by using case studies, exercises and final exam simulations. The added value of choosing a QRP 3 day training means gaining a better understanding of how to apply PRINCE2 in practice with real-life examples, several case studies and tailoring advice for any situation without renouncing to exam samples and exam simulations. 

3. How to pass the PRINCE2 Practitioner Exam: a higher pass rate

The quality of a training is not determined by a pass rate;  learning how to apply the method in a real context and having  the chance to share knowledge and lessons learned with the trainers and the participants is the essence of a high quality training. Having said that, once you invest your time and your money in a professional course you expect to obtain the certification so, achieving the exam  represents your short-term objective. All the PRINCE2 Practitioner trainings delivered by QRP assure a higher pass rate due to the chance of doing more exercises and simulations. Our experienced trainers give advice on how to tackle the PRINCE2 final exam and help participants to understand all the exercises done during the lessons and as homework correcting and fully discussing them. If something is not clear, you won’t be left behind!

Courses are available in English, French and Dutch. Do you want to know more?  Visit the PRINCE2 Practitioner page!

Do you have any other questions about PRINCE2 PRACTITIONER course? Do you wish to organize an in-house course or to send several people? Get in touch with us!