Professional training in times of COVID-19 – QRP’s lessons learned

In order to fit your needs, QRP offers multiple training formats. We offer our training on-site, virtual and in e-learning. However, our on-site training, while still taking place, is heavily influenced by the COVID-19 virus. Today we live in a world where the COVID-19 virus is not to be missed and where you should try to avoid having too much contact.

While our on-site trainings are being planned and take place, it is obvious that QRP has to adhere to some rules. In order to provide the training, QRP follows the COVID safety-guidelines that the government provided. These guidelines have a big impact on our training and can also limit certain parts of it. For example, you will be required to wear your face mask in the training room all day long, which can limit communication. To see the full list of rules and regulations, please click here.

Our advice?

While we always search to provide just what you are looking for, we do like to also share our opinion regarding the current COVID-19 situation. We noticed that there is still a very high request for open classroom training. Normally we support this choice, but seeing the limitations the rules have upon the training we now highly recommend our Virtual Classroom.

QRP strongly advises virtual live training for the following society reasons:

  • Less travel and less contacts with other people is better
  • Home office is still the norm for many organisations

QRP strongly advises virtual live training for the following personal reasons:

  • A live virtual saves you money (10-20% cheaper than onsite courses)
  • A live virtual saves you time (no commuting time)
  • Easy combination with work in our half day program

Not to forget

If you want to follow our PRINCE2 or ITIL 4 Foundation courses, you can also choose for our e-learning solution. This will give you the opportunity to follow the course at your own pace and with your personal rhythm!

For more information or if you need help to choose the right format for you and/or colleagues, do not hesitate to reach out to us. You can email or call us directly, here you will find our contact details.