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PRINCE2 Courses - Project Management 

PRINCE2 Foundation: Brussels, 4-6 July (EN)
PRINCE2 Practitioner: Brussels, 7-8 July (EN)

PRINCE2 Foundation: Brussels, 8-10 August (FR)
PRINCE2 Practitioner: Brussels, 10-11 August (FR) 

Limited PRINCE2 Summer Promotion! 

This Year, YOU choose the training, WE give you a 20% Discount! 

Offer valid on ALL PRINCE2 courses of the year, if you register WITHIN July 22nd.

PRINCE2 Agile Courses - Project Management 

PRINCE2 Agile PractitionerBrussels, 1-3 June (EN)  
PRINCE2 Agile PractitionerBrussels, 7-9 Sept (EN) 


AGILE PM Courses - Project Management

Agile PM Foundation: Brussels, 12-14 Sept (EN)
Agile PM Practitioner: Brussels, 14-15 Sept (EN)

Agile PM Foundation: Brussels, 21-23 Nov (EN)
Agile PM Practitioner: Brussels, 23-24 Nov (EN)

SCRUM Opleidingen - Project Management

Scrum Master (CSM): Gent, 7-8 July 

Scrum Master (CSM): Mechelen, 21-22 Sept

Scrum Product Owner (CSPO): Gent, 23-24 Nov


Change Management Courses

Change Mgmt Foundation: Brussels, 12-13 Sept (FR)
Change Mgmt Practitioner: Brussels, 14-15 Sept (FR)

Change Mgmt Foundation: Brussels, 26-27 Sept (EN)
Change Mgmt Practitioner: Brussels, 28-29 Sept (EN)

MSP Courses - Programme Management

MSP Foundation: Brussels, 3-5 Oct (EN)
MSP Practitioner: Brussels, 6-7 Oct (EN)

MSP Foundation: Brussels, 5-7 December (EN)
MSP Practitioner: Brussels, 8-9 December (EN)

MoP Courses - Portfolio Management

MoP Foundation: Brussels, 3-5 Oct (EN)
MoP Practitioner: Brussels, 6-7 Oct (EN)

MoP Foundation: Brussels, 14-16 November (EN)
MoP Practitioner: Brussels, 17-18 November (EN)

P3O Courses - PMO Management

P3O Foundation: Brussels, 19-21 Sept (EN)
P3O Practitioner: Brussels, 22-23 Sept (EN)

P3O Foundation: Brussels, 5-7 December (EN)
P3O Practitioner: Brussels, 8-9 December (EN)



ITIL Courses - IT Service Management 

ITIL Foundation: Brussels, 30 June - 1 July (NL)

ITIL Foundation: Brussels, 26-28 Sept (EN)


All around PM: PRINCE2, AgilePM, Scrum, PRINCE2 Agile courses

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PRINCE2 and AgilePM Evening Workshop June 14th Brussels

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