The 5 not to miss Q&A sessions with Belgian professionals from 2020!

2020 has almost finished and has exceeded all of our expectations. Nobody could have predicted how our daily lives would change due to COVID-19. All professionals were suddenly put in a digital, remote working environment and organisations had to adapt their business models. Our working lives have changed immensely and nobody knows what ‘the new normal’ will look like or when we can expect this. For now, all we can do is look back on an intense 2020.

We like to offer you the possibility to look back, together with QRP, by the means of 5 characterizing Q&A sessions with Belgian professionals. Read along with us!

Agility to the core, how Agile can drive an organisation

Liza Andersson works as Global Sales Operations Project Manager at FLIR. FLIR works Agile in the deeper sense of the word. FLIR does not just say they work Agile, agility is one of their core mind sets. It took FLIR just four days to shift from office work to remote work, for the entire international business. Curious how agility can help overcome obstacles?

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Project management should fit the organisation’s maturity

Shana Coenen works as Team Lead Pool Project Leaders, at the Federal Public Service Finance. She realizes that the biggest challenges in her network all regard the different skill levels of the PMO roles and project leaders. She realized that a ‘one size fits all’ training approach does not work and is now looking to offer a wider range of training possibilities and workshops and hopes to go as far as individual coaching and customized learning paths. Wonder what she says about the project’s maturity?

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Agile systems are great tools to build productivity on trust

Eralp Tezcan works as Scrum Master at Realdolmen-Inetum and cooperates daily with other Scrum Masters to work wonders in their teams. Eralp witnessed many organisations that started applying more agile frameworks due to external factors of the pas year. Now that almost all professionals work outside of environments potentially designed for control (offices), both the individual and organisations are learning to trust each other again. Agile systems offer great tools to build productivity on this regained trust.

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Project management in the hospital sector

Maddy Silverans is a staff member of Process and Project Management of the Quality and Strategy department of AZ Sint-Maarten, a hospital. She opens up about Project Management in the Hospital sector, where, unless in many other sectors, project management is not the top priority. 2020 resulted in delay in many projects, because a delayed project definition automatically means a delayed start date of the project.

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How to create awareness of the positive impact of P3O structure

Davina Leysen works as Programme and Project officer at Belnet. At the time of the installment of the PMO, there were many skeptical reactions. However the trust of colleagues and the change in perceptions of the project management approach shifted the tables in Belnet. Davina shares how to get everybody involved to create a common approach.

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