10 things that would make us love ITIL even more

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  • Tom Segers
    ITIL - IT Management -

    Over the past decades, ITIL has become a de facto standard in the IT industry. Today, the well-known framework for IT support and IT Service Management from the English government is indeed a strong brand that is associated with focus on quality and control. Almost every self-respecting IT Manager or IT Services Consultant would say that they are fully aware of its concepts and terminology and that they have the ITIL “best practices” in their toolbox. Almost every IT services offer takes care to sufficiently refer to ITIL based practices and common terminology, even though most would also add their dedication to combining it with a more targeted, often more “pragmatic, down-to-earth” approach while applying them. So what then would have made us love ITIL even more for the world of today and tomorrow? This text aims to explore one top-10.