What’s after Project Management? How to Professionalise Your Skills

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    PRINCE2 - Portfolio Management - PMO Management -

    You are a Project Manager, and most probably hold one (or more) great Project Management certifications. What’s next? Most of professionals in the Project Management world already know about Programme, Portfolio and PMO management; some of them already work at PMO level for example, having helped with the set up of a “Centre of Excellence” in their organization. But how do you know what is the right next step after Project Management? How to identify the right action that can fit your needs? A few years ago, you would sometimes hear project management called “The Accidental Profession”. This was the idea that we became project managers, not by design, but by accident. Professionals started as specialists in IT, Engineering, Real Estate, Construction or whatever; today we have been transformed into project managers. If you find yourself in this situation, you may be missing the skills for your new “accidental” career… This article clearly explains some of next possible steps after Project Management.